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Cloneboy Realistic Penis Moulding Kit

Cloneboy Realistic Penis Moulding Kit

One of the most common disorders of the penis are penile curvatures and Peyronie's disease. Something that really stands out about the clone a willy kit is that it's possibly the only sex toy that's genuinely reassuring of your sexual prowess when your partner uses it. After all, it's not a gargantuan plastic monster with more motors than your car.

It's a simple kit that will allow you to first cast an impression of a penis (or any object you put into the molding mixture, it doesn't discriminate) and then fill that impression with silicone that will harden overnight. I returned to the kitchen to mix the silicone and start the 24-hour process.

So if you're looking for a finish closer to the toys you can buy off traditional sex shops, and Etsy stores and if you're how to clone a willy planning on selling multiple copies of your creations, this method will work best for you. Evidently, my mixture had hardened too quickly and my penis paid the price.

Clone your penis with the best-selling Clone-A-Willy kits for making homemade dildos. You'll first have to get hard and place your erect penis next to the tube with the open end facing away from you. The Clone-a-Willy DIY dildo kits are gifts that keep on giving long into the night.

It's worth noting that this kit actually doesn't stop you from molding other things than penises though. A fast-set alginate is not ideal, as you'll need time to mix it with water, pour it into your molding container, and then insert your penis. Regardless of what your man is packing, the kit will render a realistic replica every time.